Correcting Reversals

Our son is 8.5 years old an in the second semester of his second grade year.  We held him back a year (he has a summer birthday.)  So, he could be a young third grader.  He’s still making reversals.  5s and 2s are his most common reversals, but he also reverses 3s.  He still makes some letter reversals.  Lowercase b and d are his most common letter reversals.  I saw him reverse an h the other day.  Until recently, we’ve tried to take a laid back approach and let him grow out of it.  Now that we’ve have the results of his psychoeducational evaluation, we’ve decided that it may take more formal work on reversals in order to help him get past this hump.

We’ve found two resources that we plan to try.  First, a free resource from, their number reversal practice.  The one that I’ve linked is for practicing 6s but they have other ones.

Second, we paid to get a number reversal workbook from Bay Tree Blog.

We’ll let you know how it goes!


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